What I love about being a Doula

I feel so lucky to be a Doula. Every part of my job I enjoy so much. My role as a Doula is so incredibly versatile and no two days are the same. Supporting parents prepare for birth or supporting them in the postpartum period is so rewarding.

Some days are spent preparing expectant parents for birth, through antenatal classes and various workshops. Some days are spent with my birth clients getting ready for the birth and offering that continuity of care and spending time looking at evidence and options and empowering them for birth.

Other days are spent in my role as a postpartum Doula supporting new parents in the postpartum period. I am on hand to support them however they need, preparing meals, light housework, caring for their baby while parents sleep and rest, providing emotional support and troubleshooting any issues they have. I love providing feeding support and being that person who is just a call or a text away should they need. I also offer overnight care for parents who need a good night sleep.

Beyond Birth with Aisling